Especially in times of crisis, trust in the brand's messages, products and institutions is crucial. Quality-assured products and reliable, transparent communication are more important than ever.

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Deutsche Filament Masken AG

The Corona pandemic was seen as an opportunity to further develop the product range. With a strong team of engineers, developers, logisticians and distributors, FilamentFactory and other strong partners developed a sustainable and innovative solution for high-quality mouth and nose protection under the new brand Deutsche Filament Masken AG (DFM) in a very short period of time. In addition to the goal of demand-oriented production, the focus is on reusability and resource conservation. In communication, these quality standards are to be emphasized and the difference to conventional masks made clear. For maximum protection in the private and professional sector, education and the proper guidance are needed to ensure maximum safety.
In a 4-week sprint format, Ellery Studio worked with DFM to develop a brand concept and appropriate communication formats for a rapid market launch and corporate presentation, including a production tour for politicians and the media.
Process steps

Content creation

Communication strategy to reach politics and media

Planning and implementation of communication formats (infographics, texts, website, corporate stationery, etc.)

Development of a word/figurative mark and corporate identity

Planning and implementation of the launch event with Hessian Prime Minister Volker Bouffier

The visibility of the joint stock company DFM and its products are brought to life through a communication mix of digital and analog formats. While the logo stands out for its clarity, the brand's corporate identity comes to life through bright colors and graphics. The word/figurative mark thereby picks up on the symbolism of the protective shield and the mouth-nose protection. The CI's design is derived from the garish color combinations of the sleeves, which play an essential role in the FilamentFactory as carriers of the yarn.

In a festive launch event, the forward-looking company was presented to the Prime Minister of Hesse as well as other politicians and media representatives. Information about the product, the supply chain and also concepts for site development were provided by the infographic exhibition designed for this purpose at the production site.
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