In the daily race for students, German universities also have to think about their image. We picked up speed with the Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences

User research,
Design thinking,
Mission statement creation,
Marketing strategy,
Location marketing,
Service development
Against the background of a decline in the number of students at Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences, Ellery Studio was commissioned to develop a strategy for the university and the location. The goal was to make the university visible in national and international comparison and to create incentives for prospective students.
The first analysis phase consisted of a content-related and structural examination of the status quo. Qualitative interviews, field research on site and in surrounding cities and universities, as well as stakeholder workshops with students, politics, business and administration formed the essential basis for the formulation of goals and strategies. The visual design was strongly guided by a peer-to-peer and user-centered approach. Subsequently, measures were derived and implemented. In addition, a monitoring system was introduced to evaluate the success of the designed measures.
Process steps

Stakeholder workshops

Learning and definition phase: Qualitative interviews and field research

Conception of a marketing campaign and its creative implementation

Strategy and goal formulation

Testing with one department

Roll out to the entire university


The digital platform provides effective knowledge transfer on supply chain frameworks, risks and policies, facilitating their application.
Emden/Leer Roadshow eye candy is available on the Behance site
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