Workshop concept and implementation for the Lausitz model region using futurology and design thinking methods

Futures research on structural change and energy transition,
Participative workshop,
Workshop facilitation,

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Lusatia is at the beginning of a far-reaching structural change with a promising starting position. The region has well-qualified people, livable cities and districts, housing at moderate prices and, last but not least, an advantageous location in the metropolitan area of the German capital Berlin. This is potential for becoming a European model region for successful structural change. But the challenges are substantial. Structural change is still a buzzword for most people. To make it happen, stakeholders from the region, the business community and politicians must stand together.
Together with the Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation and the WindNODE association, Ellery Studio defined a framework for collecting ideas and possible participatory formats. Using methods from futures research and design thinking, Ellery Studio designed and moderated the 'News from the Future: Model Region Lusatia 2050' workshop and provided the more than 50 participants with methods to develop their creative potential. With the help of a workshop template, the participants located their ideas regarding local networking, infrastructure and urban development, acceptance and participation as well as climate goals. In a further step, the prerequisites for the success of the ideas were worked out.
Process steps

Workshop conception

Development of quality criteria of future-oriented ideas and activities


Workshop facilitation (systemic consideration of ideas / concepts of the model region)

Six ideas were developed from the workshop, which were adopted into the Energy Technology Berlin Brandenburg cluster. The ideas were evaluated by the Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation and transferred into possible pilot projects within the framework of the Lausitz Strategy. The workshop networked actors, sent an optimistic signal of new beginnings and established a platform for discussion.
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