…we use infographics to get people excited about the energy transition?

Understanding in order to have a say
For us, the energy transition is something like the first flight to the moon – an incredibly exciting challenge, a quantum leap in our innovative strength and one of the biggest human projects of our century. But unlike in the days of the Space Age, the transformation is not taking place in outer space, but right in the middle of our society: in our cities, on our streets and in our lifestyles.

In order to be able to participate in the public discourse on the political shaping of these changes, we need a fundamental understanding of the highly complex challenges regarding topics such as renewable energies, sustainable mobility, smart cities, heat transition or sector coupling. But hardly anyone has the time or inclination to read extensive scientific treatises on the subjects.
Communication suitable for the general public
We translate our own enthusiasm for these topics and the knowledge of our project partners into emotionally appealing and easily understandable infographics and innovative communication formats that cleverly and charmingly create access to even highly complex specialist topics. In this way, even difficult-to-explain contexts can be illustrated clearly and engagingly in a very confined space.

The so-called 'storytelling' is also elementary, because behind faceless data sets there are always people and their stories. The personal reference enables new perspectives on seemingly abstract contexts and promotes the formation of one's own political will.

In this way, in close cooperation with specialists and scientists, an infographic coloring book on the energy transition, a graphic novel on the traffic turnaround and a scientific atlas on the electricity market were created, as well as numerous scientific publications or campaigns enhanced by infographics.

On interactive websites and in animation videos, we use infographics to explain decentralized energy systems, greening initiatives, or outright the milestones necessary for a world free of fossil fuels.

All true to our guiding principle: Complex knowledge doesn't have to be boring.

Infographics and energy transition: A mixture that makes waves
The success of our publications shows that these topics in an innovative format are finding favor. Several of our books repeatedly took first place at the Malofiej World Infographics Awards, on a par with works from the New York Times, the Washington Post or National Geographic Magazine. Numerous other awards followed, including gold medals at the European Design Award and the dpa (German Press Agency) Infographic Award, to a nomination for Fast Company's World Changing Ideas Award. And Angela Merkel was also fond of our Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book.
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