... we shape the future instead of just managing it?
The world in change
Major societal challenges such as the climate crisis, the scarcity of natural resources, justice issues or the risks of a globalized economy are driving profound transformation processes that are changing the way we learn, communicate and work. In this time of upheaval, questions about possible development paths toward a livable and sustainable future are all the more pressing.

For joint change projects, future-oriented orientation knowledge is becoming a necessity – politics and administration, companies, organizations and our entire society are being called upon to make far-sighted decisions at ever shorter intervals.
Exploring the future together
We practice Foresight: a combination of critical thinking regarding long-term developments, an inclusive and creative culture of debate, and participatory activities to stimulate the collective imagination. This creates narratives, images, and interactions that make our visions of the future tangible and comparable.

After all, those who are affected by change should have a say in shaping it: Only together can we generate alternative future scenarios to discuss opportunities and risks, as well as needs and value conflicts that may arise in possible development paths. The fictional visions of the future open up spaces of possibility and pose the question "What if?" This perspective is intended to create interest and enthusiasm for the new, which would otherwise be difficult to imagine.
The future at your fingertips
The future can be addressed in many different ways. Here is a selection of some of our projects:
In cooperation with the Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment (IZT), we developed the participatory project Bio:fictions. It contributes to the current debate on sustainable economy as well as to the design of biobased economies and lifestyles of tomorrow. In co-creative workshops, different stakeholders are actively involved in shaping the future and are encouraged to solve problems. The multi-level nature of the workshops initiates a learning process that can be used to open up complex issues in the bioeconomy.
Maker Spirit
In order to make 150 Bayer AG executives fit for the opportunities and challenges of digital health care, a workshop with an integrated showroom on future-oriented technologies was created in an absolute 'hands-on' manner. The focus was on 'Smart Tattoo' (health data collection through tattoos), 'Tele-Robotics' (human-machine interaction at a distance), 'New Senses' (locomotion without a visual organ) and 'You Drive Me Crazy' (autonomous driving).
Future Booth
In the Future Booth project, activists share their visions of a sustainable future with scientists in a mobile meeting and action space and transform them into visual models. Similar to a Photo Booth, in which an image of the present is created in the form of a photograph, in the Future Booth an image of the future is illustrated by making a graphic recording. The 3-part workshop format can be conducted in both analog and virtual formats.
Solar Punk Festival
In 2018, we initiated the Solar Punk Festival, a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and creation that brought together artists, scientists, and researchers. During the two-week program, we created an accessible living capsule of the future that playfully offered insights into sustainable technologies and ways of life, a large-scale mural (8 x 8 m) on the festival grounds Ferropolis – known for the annual MELT! festival – and numerous visualizations on exciting visions of the future.
Speculative Futures Berlin: part of a global network

We founded Speculative Futures Berlin to provide a place for creative exchange for the ever-growing community of design, art, science and technology dedicated to the topic of the future. Active since 2017, the meetup series quickly became the most member-rich community for speculative design and futures foresight in Europe. As part of a steadily growing global network, we offer a platform for collaborative critical, but also playful creative engagement with a wide range of future topics.
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