… we put partizipation at the heart of change-processes?
Top-down vs. bottom-up
We speak of buy-in and ownership when it comes to the diffusion and acceptance of innovations in society, an organization or a company. Decision-makers in politics and business usually set the direction, but extensive change projects must ultimately be accepted and supported by the public or the workforce.

Everyone is affected by change, and everyone should have a say in how it is handled. For us, participation is the key to success for a more open and equitable future for all.

People support what they help to shape
Participatory processes accelerate adaptation and change, promote acceptance, and are often even fun. While participatory formats are becoming an increasingly prominent tool in change processes, their style and methods are far from set in stone. In fact, the art of participatory design is constantly being renewed and evolved, along with the changing behaviors and tastes of participants.

Redesigning activities to include affected parties is not only an incredibly fun artistic endeavor for us, but also helps us stay ahead of the curve. What starts as an interactive workshop, hackathon, festival, role play, bar camp, or future workshop at its core can be expanded at will to include cultural, entertainment, or media aspects.

In practice, this turns into projects such as participatory event formats for the transatlantic educational exchange of the German Fulbright Association, workshops to activate innovation projects within the energy transition at Lausitz, or participatory science on the bioeconomy at the Museum for Natural History.

Also in the digital space
Since March 2020, we all know that face-to-face meetings are also possible digitally. With the ever-growing range of digital platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, Miro, Trello, and many more, there are now solutions for every conceivable requirement of virtual meetings.

We are experts in conducting interactive workshops in the digital space: from the compilation and implementation of a suitable technological infrastructure, content planning, event design, to implementation, moderation and follow-up.
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Citizen participation & democracy promotion

Planning, implementation & moderation of interactive workshops

Design of meeting and action places

Creative exchange and debate formats

Citizen Science

Innovative participation formats (analog & digital)

Co-creation and participatory design

Inspiring keynote lectures

Content curation for summer schools, academies and hackathons

Communication and public relations during the process

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