A website on the overview of the mineral supply chain that serves as a multipurpose educational tool that is easily accessible and engaging

Communication concept for policy design,
Website design (scrollytelling),
Interactive infographics,

Organisation for Economic
Co-operation and Development

How can the OECD encourage due diligence and accountability in the minerals supply chain? In a complex system like the minerals supply chain, it has always been a challenge to effectively communicate its information not only to the outside world, but also to stakeholders. Widely accessible, engaging digital content was urgently needed and supports the OECD's experts* in their teaching mission.
The OECD and Ellery Studio have created a digital platform with interactive infographics that map an overview of possible due diligence measures. The platform is easily accessible from anywhere in the world – from OECD headquarters in Paris as well as from a cell phone in Africa. It serves as a multipurpose educational tool. Whether in a workshop or a presentation, it shows how the industry works and the responsibilities involved.
Process steps

Development of navigation and structure of the website

Concept development for accessible political and business communication

Content and design implementation of the website

Visualization of the complex supply chain

Testing (UI / UX Design)

Staff training for the maintenance of the website

The digital platform provides effective knowledge transfer on supply chain frameworks, risks and policies, facilitating their application.
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