An innovative training concept and toolkit to help users tackle gender bias and inequality in the workplace and promote a culture of inclusion and diversity.

In-house project in cooperation with IKEM
& supported by the AIEF Fund
since 2018
Science Communication,
Concept Development,
Copy Writing,
Transformation Guidance
Gender inequality in the workplace is a persitent problem. While many companies are striving for more equality, women still experiences disadvantages such as lower pay, harrassment, and stereotyping. They are also unerrepresented in leadership positions. Ellery Studio and IKEM were confronted with the task of creating an innovative product that addresses these complex and often taboo topics in a tangible and engaging way. The aim is to promote both awareness and behavioural changes at the workplace. It also aims to arm those affected and their allies with the tools to recognize and call out gender bias.
In collaboration, Ellery Studio and IKEM developed the "EQT: The Gender Equality Toolkit" and training format. Through Design Thinking and with the participative integration of end users from various professional fields, a toolkit was created that uses interactive elements and an inviting design to encourage dialog about gender equality. Building on this, the Ellery Studio team developed comprehensive training formats for a transformation process towards gender equality.
Process steps

Development of a holistic concept for the toolkit

Research and interviews to
identify the core problems
of gender inequality.

Collection and integration of feedback from test workshops

Design and testing of
prototypes, including the
role play and poster

Content and design implementation in the final
version of the toolkit

Development of training formats on the basis of the toolkit

The EQT toolkit has proven to be an effective instrument for raising awareness and promoting equality and diversity in the workplace. It offers not only interactive tools such as a card game, an infographic handbook and an award-winning poster, but also effective training formats that tackle gender bias and inequalities at different layers.
"EQT: The Gender Equality Toolkit for Working Women and Friends" can be bought here.
You can find more information on "EQT: The Gender Equality Toolkit and Trainings" on the EQT website.
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