An unconventional approach to the the topics transport and mobility transition through innovative science communication

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Agora Verkehrswende and Ellery Studio asked themselves how information for the transition to clean mobility can be designed in an inspiring and effective way while generating additional interest. The Agora Verkehrswende team developed scientific arguments for sustainable mobility with their ‚12 Theses on the Mobility Transition'. In order to enable a broader audience to participate in the discussion on sustainable mobility, an innovative communication format was created that makes scientific content accessible in a particularly appealing way.
In editorial meetings and several workshops, Ellery Studio worked together with the Agora Verkehrswende team from science, politics, business and administration to develop the basic features of a new type of communication format and its content. Infographics and storytelling played a crucial role in this process. While infographics also depict highly scientific content in an easily understandable way, storytelling enables an emotional approach with a personal reference to everyday traffic situations.
Process steps


Development of a common understanding of the problem

Implementation of the infographic novel in terms of content and design

Development of a suitable communication style

Concept for dissemination and transfer use for other channels and users

'Future Ahoy! The Infographic Novel about the Mobility Turnaround' is effective communication of the relevance and urgency of the mobility turnaround by presenting facts as an infographic and illustrated story. The 80-page book tells the everyday life experiences of Rudi, a freedom-loving dachshund, in the context of the traffic turnaround. Rudi lives in a small family – the family members come from three generations that deal with the issue of mobility in very different ways. The book received great feedback from its readers! Not only from the mobility industry, but also from graphic novel fans and traffic turnaround skeptics!
'Future Ahoy!' can be bought here.
For more 'Awesome!' eye candy, check out the Behance page.
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