A workshop with an integrated showroom on forward-looking technologies in healthcare with Bayer IT Management in an absolute hands-on manner

Trend and future research, Concept and implementation of workshop and showroom,
Event design,
Creation of construction kits (design kit),
Event moderation & coaching
The Bayer IT Leadership Conference is a top-class international event. It invites strategic exchange among executives. In 2017, the conference aimed to inspire participants with an inspiring format for future topics. The focus was on addressing the opportunities and challenges of digital healthcare.
Ellery Studio researched future-relevant topics and technology trends in healthcare in preparation for the conference. In addition to the conception and implementation of the event format for the IT executives, a kit (design kit) was created - which also works away from the event, for example at home. The event branding with guidance system at the venue as well as a short presentation, moderation and coaching during the event were also prepared by Ellery Studio.
Process steps

Development of an inspiring showroom and a workshop concept with kit (design kit) on the different identified trends

Trend and futures research on technologies in healthcare

Implementation of the workshop

Development of an appealing design (event branding incl. guidance system)

Documentation of the event

The ‚MakerSpirit' workshop was particularly characterized by its high 'hands-on' content. The four topics ‚Smart Tattoo' (health data collection through tattoos), ‚Tele-Robotics' (human-machine interaction at a distance), ‚New Senses' (locomotion without visual organ) and ‚You Drive Me Crazy' (autonomous driving) were first contextualized by input from the respective workshop leads. The 150 participants were supported in individual and group work by a total of 15 coaches in exploring and assembling the kits. From soldering to an introduction to Arduino, a wide variety of experiential moments were created. The workshop was accompanied by a showroom with ten stations presenting various best practices and innovations.
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